About me

My name is Mihhail Triboi. At the moment I live in Tallinn, Estonia. I took up photography in 2005. It has been a trial and error ride for me and I have attended a number of studio photography courses along the way.

I am a curious person by nature. I love life and I believe it’s mutual. I constantly discover something new and I don’t forget to share it with others through my work. I love creativity and non-conformism, therefore I have never limited myself to conventionality, which somewhat exist in nowadays photography. As an artist, I experiment a lot and get fascinated by different genre.

In my work I use only professional equipment. I am always on the go – you can easily invite me for a photoshoot in any place on Earth! When needed, we can also arrange aerial photography for I have great experience with that too!

Price is always a subject for negotiation. The pictures seen in my gallery can easily be purchased in big format. You can also visit my blog at 3boi.livejournal.com